Noo-Noo Farm

The Noo-Noo Farm is an outdoor educational venue on bugs, insects and noo-noo's. The venue allows school kids from 3 years to 16 years the opportunity to get out of the classroom for a hands-on learning experience in a fun environment.

A fun school outing to the Noo-Noo Farm takes approximatley two hours and is split into 4 parts:

  1. The children are taken on a guided tour through a walk-in enclosure to the "Ant-Farm", on to an open insect enclosure and up to the glass cages after passing the worm boxes. All the time they are informed about insects, but taylored to the level of the children on the tour. This tour is specifically designed to educate the children in a fun way. It covers the biology syllabus for junior and senior primary and high school. They are taught about:
    • Metamorphose
    • Herbivore / carnivore
    • Poisonous / non poisonous
    • Symbiotic relationship etc
  2. The children are loaned a Bug Bottle and Net to spend time searching for insects. This is an experience of a lifetime for many children that are not exposed to the wild outdoors.
  3. The children then have a "Bug-bounce" and a "Butterfly Ride". 
  4. Time is allocated for a lunch / snack break.

Teachers are free, parents R 10.00 and learners R 20.00. Teachers and drivers get free tea and biscuits. Discounted rates apply if more than one venue is visited on the same day. See Prices page.

There is a basic tuck shop selling colddrinks, sweets, chips, biltong and fun toys for the children.

 What to bring & wear



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